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We are featuring Lillypadz Discrete Math Tutor--a tool designed to assist in teaching Discrete Mathematics.  By providing visual, graphical demonstrations of the concepts of Discrete Math, we hope to make it easier to teach and to understand. In its present incarnation LDMT provides these features:

Documentation (PDF)
Documentation (HTML)
Known Issues
Future Plans


  • Create nodes by simply double-clicking on the screen
  • Create edges by dragging from one node the other
  • Instantly create an Adjacency Matrix  or Path Matrix
  • The related matrices are kept up to date automatically
  • These matrices can participate in matrix math (see below)
  • Locate cycles
  • Layout a tree automatically
  • Create 3- and 4-level binary trees automatically
  • Demonstrate, step-by-step, Depth First and Breadth First Searches


  • Create multiple matrices with any number of rows and columns
  • Perform mathematical functions on matrices
  • Square or cube a matrix in one click (good for demonstrating Graph concepts)
  • Automatically set up matrices such as xij, aij, bij, and identity

Polynomial to Tree

  • Create a binary tree in graphical form representing a polynomial


  • Quick set creation
  • Demonstrate Union, Intersection, Difference, Equality Subset, Cross Product Power Sets
  • Venn diagrams

Relations and Functions

  • Define your own relation or use samples
  • Test for Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive
  • Test for function, 1 to 1, Onto
  • Inverse of a relation
  • Demonstrate relation composition
  • Create matrix of relation
  • Show relation as a set of ordered pairs
  • Hasse diagram
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